Why Should You Get Your Engine Tuned?

  • Get the most out of your build
  • An efficient running engine is a healthy engine
  • More power and better fuel mileage
  • No one has a sad face on while driving a properly tuned engine

  • What vehicles do we tune?

  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • GM Duramax
  • Please contact us regarding your specific setup and what ECM you are running before scheduling a tune with us.

    What does tuning involve?

    Optimizing Ignition Timing
    When it comes down to it, most factory ignition timing tables are the greatest. Some push the limits too far, others are far too conservative. On top of that, the more "bolt-ons" you have, the bigger demand there is to get a tune. This can drag on how your engine performs.
    Proper Fuel Control/Timing
    Having the proper amount of fuel injected at all times is crucial to a safe and efficiently running engine. Too little fuel, or even too much, can cause catastrophic events to happen. Every setup is different and every fuel burns at a different temperature.
    Overall Drivability
    When it boils down to it, no one likes to drive a car that doesn't drive worth a $3 dollar bill. Everyone wants to be able to fire up the engine with no issues and go about their business, or even better, throw it down the strip.

    Please note that tuning is not as simple as what was stated here and is much more involved than just a couple clicks. Many calculations and in-depth knowledge of an engine is involved so whether you pick us, or another shop to tune your engine, do your research before you make a decision on who reprograms a very critical portion of your engine's efficiency and longivity!